Human Bone



- helping the body to heal naturally

Accelerated healing


Our regenerative artificial bone product has been designed to save time, money, and to provide superior patient experience and outcome.

It eliminates the need for two operations, saving time, expense and patient discomfort.


OsteoGlass is osteostimulatory   i.e. it actually stimulates bone to grow hence an operation to  harvest the patient's own bone or bone marrow is not necessary.  
The numerous numerous β tri-calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite products on the market just cannot do this.

It has been designed with nano pores and meso pores to promote osteoblast (bone cell) attachment and to allow blood vessels to grow through the OsteoGlass scaffold  -  but without soft tissue  -  just quality bone and fast. The scaffold gradually breaks down over the same timeframe as the new bone is formed, leaving a healed wound and no residual scaffold material.

This is the second generation of material, the first having being used clinically for over 20 years.

In addition to the Stimulatory action, a further added benefit is the increased bioactivity (osteoconduction).  This means the material binds to bone in less than 8 hours (class A) compared to  β tri-calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite products which take in excess of 24 hours (class B).

The entirely natural components are harmlessly excreted by the body. 

See the video extract from the popular British TV show on ITV called This Morning. 

For added antifection we can add minute amounts of ionic silver into the scaffold which is time released to provide long term protection from infection.

Our powdered product can be added to other materials to provide a putty or injectable product with the osteostimulatory advantage.
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